Rescued Dress

Before and after photos of my alterations.

I liked everything about this dress: the washable fabric, the earthy print, the hem hitting just below the knee, the scooped neck line, the pockets! Everything except these weird bat wing sleeves that are completely unflattering to my body type. I altered the bodice and sleeves by using as a pattern a shirt that I already own that I like the fit of. I am quite pleased with myself, especially as I took it to a dress-maker’s shop and she refused the job as “too complicated.”


  1. Great job! I’m always impressed with your sewing skills, & if I remember correctly from Single Mom Enough, you sew everything by hand. Nice looking dress.

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  2. Thank you. Excellent memory, by the way. I do sew exclusively by hand, which I find meditative. Using a machine takes all the fun out of it for me.


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