Learning Free Software

It is an indication of how uncomfortable I am learning new software that I am so late to this Google party. My Windows Office suite is set to expire and I didn’t want to spend $130 USD to renew it. I did a bit of research on free software (that is, I asked my kids) and learned that I already had access to all this stuff via my Gmail account.

I could see some stuff lurking there: photos friends had sent me, documents I was to edit and return, but I didn’t understand how the whole thing worked. “Oh, it’s intuitive!” the kids said. Maybe for them. But for me, who didn’t turn on a computer until I was 40 years old, it is like learning a foreign language- very slow with a lot of mistakes.

To the rescue: my dear friend, my local library. They have classes to teach those of us that do not find it intuitive. And they are free!


  1. LOL! Same experience down here in NZ and our library offers tuition in computers. WE Can do it if they would make the language common sense laymen/women terms! My computer guy fixes it all for me when it’s beyond my limited scope! And some days it’s very limited LOL!.

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  2. Me too. I’m a bit embarrassed by my not being up to speed, though I understand that I was quite busy as a single mum, working 50-60 hours per week when computers arrived on the scene. So, a bit of kindness to myself for not having the time before and a deep breath before I jump in to the “new” thing!


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