Frugal Soup

Homemade vegetable soup

Vegetable soup made from the leftover bits and bobs that would become compost or science experiments before too long- what could be more frugal or delightful than that?

It is like making stone soup out of your own rubbish! And it is different every time, so I can’t get bored.

Tell me readers, what are your favorite “making something from nothing” ideas?


  1. That reminds me, my mother was so good at leftover-anything soup. Good memories, and yes, very economical!

    As a newlywed with no money in the bank, we often made a simple flour-butter-milk-mustard roux, threw in a few chopped boiled eggs, and served it over toast.

    p.s. The hotdog kind of mustard, not the spice cabinet kind of mustard.

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    1. Gravy- type sauce with bits served over toast reminds me of something my father says was served regularly by the Navy during WW II. Yours sounds way more delicious than his. But maybe he was just missing his mom’s home cooking, away for the first time at 18.

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