Cultivating Low Carbon Hobbies

Walking with the family in nature.

Sometimes we don’t have a lot of say so in the carbon footprint our work creates in the world. When I worked as a home hospice nurse, I drove hundreds of miles every week. I bought a hybrid car as soon as they were affordable. Still, that was a lot of emissions, even for a worthy cause.

We do have more choice about how environmentally sustainable our hobbies are. I cultivate my interest in yoga, hikes in nature, repairing household items, reading. These activities bring me great joy and cost little. At the other end of the spectrum, imagine the cost and environmental impact of monster truck racing, golf and indoor ice skating.

If you have a high carbon activity that you love, try to find some low carbon activities to even things out.

If we hope to bring balance to the planet, we need to bring balance to ourselves.


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