Partial Product Replacement

The plastic container that came with my new blender five years ago broke recently. Rather than chuck the whole thing in the bin and head out to the nearest big box store to replace it, I did a brief online search and ordered a glass replacement container. I had to be a bit patient and go without my favorite winter soup while I waited for it to arrive. Benefits to waiting it out: replacing the container only with the improved glass version cost 30% less than replacing the whole thing and it kept the functioning part out of the landfill (or that back closet where things that are only half broken go to collect dust.)


  1. Yay! My husband & I try to do this as well with appliances to get more mileage out of them & not have to throw them away. We do this also with other items, trying to repair them on our own ( sewing torn slippers, clothing, etc.). Love to hear this!

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    1. Wonderful! My goal here is to become an influencer for sustainability. I can tell, with you, that I am preaching to the choir. So let your friends know about us!


  2. Smart move! Similarly, we found out our coffee maker carafe (it took me FIVE times to spell that word!) was easily replaced by a used carafe that needed a coffee maker. I don’t think that’ll always work, but it’s worth giving the Goodwill store a peek if you’re ever in the same coffee conundrum we were in!

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