Rules for Re-Gifting

The rules for re-gifting are:

  1. Don’t ever, ever re-gift to the person who gave you the gift. Ever. If you can’t trust your memory, store the gift with a note stating who it was from.
  2. Don’t re-gift to people who are offended by the concept.
  3. Keep the gift in the original packing, with tags on, if this is possible.
  4. Put some thought in matching the gift with the person. You wouldn’t give a CD of Christmas music to an atheist or a leather belt to a vegan.

Now go out there and have some frugal fun!


  1. I’m totally fine with receiving re-gifted gifts. I’ve probably gotten a lot more than I realized; I mean, how would I know unless I happened to see it in someone’s home? I’m okay with used gifts, too. A used book? Sure! A second-hand picture frame or tea cup? You bet!

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