1. Looks yummy. And now another thankyou to you Fawn.
    I have to move house and I am referring to your blog single enough, and this blog, to keep me on track minimising as I go. So then I’m just not wasting time and money relocating “crap”. Thank you, it has made it easier to let go of un-useful, un-necessary, sentimental items……..and memory is so much easier to store :-)., forever grateful for your insights Fawn. You’ve done the hard work for me, I just need to follow., and adjust to my new life x

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    1. That is so wonderful to hear. Only today, I was reading things I wrote 10 years ago and I “got” multiple connections to other times of my life! And Adrienne, I would give you this too: during the 5 years since I retired from hospice—every bit of my identity has been tossed. I have a lot of crap in the closets that accumulated in the past 5 years. The ground shifted, and I who ALWAYS knew what to keep, no longer did. But this summer, youngest son moved out, and it became clear what belonged and what did not. So, be kind to yourself. If the world has blown you off your feet, do only the daily until things become clearer. And I am just telling you that for me this took 5 years and a therapist. BE KIND to YOURSELF.💕


  2. Aww thank you Fawn, I will be kind to myself. It was overwhelming at first when the landlady said she had good news and bad, but she has bought a small cottage for her future so I have 3-4yrs there at the same rent so feeling blessed. But I know that I have to drop all my identities (have got rid of most of my nursing paperwork……as you know endless!!) and looking at going very small, maybe a campervan later. But I feel calm and when I have a wobble I give thanks of gratitude to be here and then look forward to maybe new adventures and new freedoms. I wont let fear rule my life. But as I’ve said before thank you for your words over the years. You may never know just how many people they and you have helped and supported emotionally and mentally. Little gems of support that speak to us all. Bless you x

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