Other Electricity Savings

Found this hair dryer in my son’s closet after he moved out.

This week I took inventory of all my appliances. I was inspired by signing up for Off-Peak/On-Peak rates with my energy provider. My plan is to maximize Off-Peak use and minimize vampire load. My small appliances are few: a vacuum, a ring light, a shredder. My washing machine can be run during off peak hours and I hang about half of my loads rather than drying. Things with vampire load include the internet/computer set-up, the smart thermostat (worth the cost) and the aging microwave and stove, which offer me two digital clocks within 8 inches of each other. I will start to experiment with what vampire load I can mitigate.


  1. We have two silly LED clocks near each other, too, and they’re on built-in appliances. It’s not only the wasted energy from redundant clocks that bugs me, but also the weird aesthetics of having two clocks stacked on top of one another.

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