Energy Efficiency

The blue bar represents my energy use to cool my home for the past six months.

Not gonna lie……this delight was kinda complicated. My air conditioner died this past July. As it was dying, it was cycling on all the time. I turned it off during the daytime and took cool showers and turned it on at night, so I could sleep. As you can see, the new energy efficient air conditioner uses less than 1/4 of the energy in similar hot weather. My total energy bill dropped from $193USD to $60USD and my energy consumption from 1320 kWh to 361 kWh. The old air conditioner was 20 years old and last summer’s consumption patterns mimic this year’s, only without the lovely improvement in August. Pretty dramatic evidence for replacing appliances with energy efficient ones.


  1. That’s a dramatic improvement! We’re on water restrictions, so during June-August’s 3-digit days when the a/c couldn’t keep up, instead of a cool shower, I dampened a tee shirt and wore it with the ceiling fan running. It was like I’m my own personal swamp cooler, haha!

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    1. Ha! We used to do something similar when I was a kid- dipped the top sheet in the bathtub and rung it out before going to bed with the fan on. Worked until the sheet dried out about 2 am.

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  2. Wow big savings with new aircon. The old pioneers used to put up wet/damp sheets at the doors and windows so the breeze blew cool air through. handy if you don’t have power or an aircon. Here in NZ we didn’t have aircons in the south but with climate change and rising temps we now see that changing with houses having aircons installed..

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    1. We see something similar here in the north- areas that did not traditionally have air conditioning in the majority of homes are installing it now. Of course, this adds to the climate change/fossil fuel burden. At least the new units are more efficient.


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