1. I love the window boxes on your railings! City sounds are energetic and (mostly) happy sounds. Hang on (stepping outside)… I hear a red wasp, a very late June bug, cows on the neighbor’s pasture snorting, and a dog far away barking. If I listen REALLY hard, I can hear an occasional truck on the highway. There are no birds at the moment, but they’ll come out when the sun starts going down. (It’s in the 90s right now.) The little, pale-yellow butterflies in our yard are soundless.

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    1. Beautiful! In the mornings I can hear the trash trucks backing up and the Metro train conductor announcing the next stop if they do it during one curve of the rail. In the evening, the concerts at the History museum drift in after dark.

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  2. Your balcony is looking good Fawn. At the moment our nation NZ is in mourning after the passing of our beloved Queen, Elizabeth II . An amazing woman. She created a world wide tree planting endeavour known as the Queens Canopy. She was close friends with Sir David Attenborough in which they shared a love of nature and together promoted conservation. From her garden in Buckingham Palace, London UK, she would have, like you, listened to the sounds of a city living.


    1. I offer my condolences to you and all her subjects. Queen Elizabeth II led an extraordinary life. I am pleased to learn of this conservation project and I hope her heirs continue in this way. In the mean time, take good care, my friend. Maybe a bit of tea as comfort?


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